Perseverance and Human Progression

The human species is an anomaly of natural law. As science progresses, so does the speed of predicting future events; however, no computer can apprehend the strength in numbers compared to Homo Sapiens. Perseverance glistens within the human spirit as a violent history meshed with natural laws shaped the species as we are today. Today, we learn stories of Nordic Vikings, Spaniard Kings, and tyrants in European, as well as, American history.

Those real-life situations evolved an observable societal acceptance threshold. Vikings would pillage and plunder entire villages! For those who don’t know, that involves physical assault, dismemberment, and extreme violence to obtain land, supplies, and gold to expand the Viking culture. Warriors often stood and watched as the own kind commit rape and adultery. All is normal then, but today those people would be shunned from society.

People often ask “what makes them think they know whats right,” when it comes to life. Although, the answer is clear: not to repeat the same mistakes or actions of those before you. In addition, Psychology is key in bench-marking human actions. Today we will dive into perseverance and human progression and how together we can create the future.

Viking and Religious Connections   

Official studies of “psychology as a self conscious field” began in 1879 by Wilhelm Hundt, a German scientist (Boundless Psychology). Moreover, we began experiencing early awareness of cause and effects when applied to human’s violent nature. As cultures clash weather it be through a long voyage on the silk road or a viking axe striking between the chest cavity of a christian monk. The point became clear. People thrive when knowledge is a tool rather than a weapon.

As you look into why religions work you see their purpose. A church and pastor is meant to provide a sense of protection from evil. God is the center of religious’s people world. The same way you or I would say a parent or sibling is our world. They provide us with a sense of belonging and purpose. Evil minds could see this from the start. It is easy to recruit a follower when you tell them everything they need to hear. The only way out of the cycle is by observing the cycle. As the truth comes out then so must the knowledge.

The lack of technology causes a learning curve; however, the most beneficial traits seep through the rotten foundation of war paths that has ridden world history. My favorite perspective on Viking culture is portrayed by the hit tv show “Vikings” where you experience compassion amongst a battlefield of carnage.

As you learn about Norse mythology you also become aware of the parallels between it and Christianity. Check out this link to learn more. You can see connections like this through all religions and cultures around the world. Whether you call it a nice blend or a wild twister it seems that ultimately all cultures progress towards a society that tries to benefit everyone. 

Astrological Advancements

Well not trying to make this a history lesson so let us get to the point. We as a species came up with the synopsis of what is right and wrong when it comes to the betterment of society. History is the evidence and testimony to the trial and error of human civilization. The scientific method and conducting experiments allow the unknown to be known!

To emphasize, the geocentric model was commonly accepted amongst ancient Greeks and Romans. For those who don’t know, the model has Earth at the center of the Universe with the sun, stars, and planets to rotate around them. Nevertheless, Copernicus did not settle for such an answer proposed first by Anaximander.

Even with a name like Anaximander you have to be wrong at some point. These two different matters of human complexity, expansion and astronomy, were once practiced very particular ways that wielded acceptable results at the time. However, due to the efficient nature of humans we developed a way to expand our horizons with each other rather than against and to test the limits of astrology, as we must continuously do with all aspects of life.

Just to reiterate, perseverance and human progression is whatever we choose to excel and exceed beyond thought bounding potential. Choosing to not accept what is before you, but to welcome the unknown as its mysteries could be key to create a more enlightened history. 

Mental Health Awareness

If those examples didn’t marinate like big juicy steaks then let us expand on more modern topics. Today, scientists research topics such as quantum, multiverse, string, and many more theories. Additionally, they fly faster than the B-57 right over my head. With that said, those theories are constantly tested everyday. The yielded results have the possibility to reshape science as we know it.

Everyday is another breakthrough for humans as long as we work hard enough to provide evidence. Mental health carries a huge stigma as feelings have commonly been neglected through history.

However, feelings are the root of growth, compassion, and love. As we become more aware of this we can begin using love as a tool. Additionally, with more experiences with feelings we become more aware of the people around us.

With awareness comes the capability to change the outcome. Like how I might be aware that the structure of this blog is off so i come to the realization to make this point. Through practice humans will always acquire more advanced knowledge prior to the generations before them.

Our Actions Determine Tomorrow

Together we can help each other become more aware. Perseverance and human progression is inspiring fellow homo-sapiens around you to strive for a higher understanding on a subject. Whether that be interplanetary space travel (listen to S2E4 for more gory details) or deep sea exploration, the bounds of humans knows no limits.

The potential for the human race is whatever we decide to make it therefore let us make the future a destination. The best part is we reach a point where capitalism peaks by selling Gwyneth Paltrow’s “vagina” scented candles. We’re not kidding.

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