As a podcaster, there is nothing more challenging than figuring out where to start. However, the podcast community is home to endless support and love. No matter the reason why we start podcasting, the ending result is clear. A direct path of communication and understanding with those different from us. Today the crew helps with delivering Anecdote to you. With topics such as:

  • Why to start a podcast
  • The benefits of having a podcast
  • How the Crew met Favour and Adam
  • Future goals for podcasting

Your Anecdote is Stories

Ty kick today’s episode off introducing Anecdote founders Favour and Adam. They’re tapping in all the way from United Kingdom. Furthermore, they dive directly into the love for podcasting. Tyler speaks upon his feelings of being able to see the guys he cares about most all the time. It’s safe to say the best thing about podcasting is having thoughtful conversation with your buddies all day. Also, Favour has some beautiful art surrounding him, which you’ll have to check their YouTube to see. Leading Ty to ask about their goals with podcasting.

A great discussion unfolds about keeping hobbies close to you separate from podcasts. As a life undocumented is still valued to an extent. Next, We dive into the meaning behind Anecdote. For those who do not know I cannot tell you. You must listen for yourself but do not worry, I’ll at least tell you that after you will be coming back for more. Lastly, everyone speaks about pipe dreams. Where we see ourselves in the distant future. Also, stay tuned because you might see Adam and Favour again, except this time with faces. *wink*

Mission at Hand

All you hear this episode is why people start podcasts. Well let us know why you decide to listen. As well as, going over to Anecdote’s Instagram and Youtube to show them some love for attending. Be sure to @SoulSpeakTV on Instagram, Twitter, and soon Youtube. #podcastsupport #podcastandchill #supportpodcasts #podcastlove

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