After all the wait, in SoulSpeak Podcast Episode 10 the Delivery Crew brings you our thoughts and ideas about the Covid-19 Pandemic and Christmas! Topics include:

  • Theories around the Covid Pandemic
  • The accuracy of a rapid versus lab tests
  • Christmas being different for everyone 

Furthermore, get ready for Episode 10: Covid-19 Christmas with the Delivery Crew, along with their special guest Jarrod, as they untie all of your Covid theories and dive into Christmas! Many trips were canceled during the holiday’s due to the Covid Pandemic. The crew were supposed to visit families, but as we all know COVID has become a momentary wedge. For that reason they will be working extra hard to get in touch with loved ones. With this in mind have a happy holidays from your delivery crew.

Your Call To Action

To clarify, as we all go through these difficult times we must do our individual responsibilities to be safe; such as washing hands, wearing masks, and respecting distance. Additionally, make sure you reach out to those who do not bid farewell to social distance, we all need someone to lean on.

Nevertheless have a conversation with us, let us know how your Holiday’s went! @soulspeaktv #Holidays #Christmas #Covid #F2020 

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