Soulspeak Podcast Series: Episode 11 – Sports Mania

In SoulSpeak Podcast Episode 11: Sports Mania, the Delivery Crew hits a grand-slam touchdown hole-in-one with these hot takes. The crew just does not miss when it comes to being clutch.

Obviously join us as we discuss these adrenaline rushing sports:

  • College football 
  • Pro football
  • Pro basketball
  • Highschool football
  • Pro Hockey
  • Pro Baseball
  • Personal sport stories and much more!

Altogether sports made an impact in all of the delivery crews lives! As an illustration, the crew delves into their most cherished sports moments through the years. Moreover, we wholeheartedly believe sports teach invaluable lessons and inspire camaraderie. 

Your Call To Action

We hope you love sports as much as us and if not, then we hope we inspire you to watch or partake in physical activities. Also, Contact us and let us know what your favorite players are and how they have inspired you. Additionally, have live debates about who you think will win upcoming games and we will reveal our hottest takes. #sportsmania #sportstalk #sports #favoriteplayers #whowillwin

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