Welcome to Season 2 with the Delivery Crew! In Episode 2: Bucs and a Goat, the crew watches a walking zoo exhibit. Tom Brady came out and silenced all the haters as they watched in awe! Additionally, this episode will include:

  • Accuracy of our predictions
  • The future outlook of Chiefs and Bucs
  • Passes that will go down in history
  • Guest stars: Quiet Mouse Austin, and Colby

In Episode 2: The Bucs and a Goat, the boys dive into the Super Bowl between the Chiefs and the Bucs. The Chiefs, being defending champions, have Patrick Mahomes at their hull. He had a draw dropping performance that just barely didn’t make the stat sheet. We watched both times play their best performance at the time and the Bucs come out triumphant on the other side. Tom Brady exhibited domination against the former Super Bowl champions and the Weeknd had the whole stands to watch! The commercials were sometimes more appealing then the very much one sided football game. However, Half-times were taking all around during this episode. I mean who wouldn’t want to watch the Weeknd perform.

Call To Action

Your call to action would be to find a way to enjoy yourselves now that football will be over for five months (what ever shall Tom Brady do). Please still be aware of COVID-19 and if vaccines are available for you today. Be educated and ask questions about what it is if you’re worried. Let us know how accurate your predictions were and if we can rely on you when the crew heads to Vegas. 

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