Welcome to Season 2 with the Delivery Crew! In Episode 3: Power of Music, we hit deep into the crew’s personal lives. The destination was obtained through the communication of music! Additionally, this episode will include:

  • Some of the Crew’s top bands 
  • Every fifth graders favorite band
  • Personal stories that date back to highschool times
  • Our first zoom episode and Bailey says more than five words!

In Episode 3: Power of Music, the favorite concerts are a must hear! Bailey and Ty take you into the eyes of the fan and what you would see in the front row! Matt takes you behind the scenes as he carries you on a ride of the life of a roadie! Personal stories are also a must hear because who wouldn’t want to listen to the formative years of the crew. They touch on past relationships, how they have grown from them, what growing still needs to be done, and lessons they could possibly pass on to someone else. 

Call To Action

If you ever find yourself down or just need someone around music can always be a tool for you! There’s no need to clown or fool around because sometimes all it takes is just the right sound to make you go ooo! Let us know how music has directly impacted your lifestyle. Can music change your mood, and if so how? Let us know @SoulSpeak.Tv on Twitter or Instagram #musicmovesthesoul #grooves #favconcert 

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