Welcome to Episode 3: The Power of Love, we dive into heavy topics such as:

Pride and Change

In 2003, homosexuality became legal throughout the US. Unfortunately, laws display right and wrong, but change occurred because individuals felt as if discrimination based off love goes against humanity and the core foundations of a good person.

Pride month, which is now a commemorative month in October, reached its 50th anniversary of practiced traditions in June 2020. Marches occur throughout the month and grows in numbers every year. Businesses show their support by changing profile pictures to the pride flag or waving it outside the building. Those within the LGBTQ+ community are beginning to feel comfortable with their sexuality. The stigma of “coming out” is decreasing. Thanks to October 11th national coming out day.

Finally, the biggest thing to remember is that true change has only occurred recently and can be reverted without proper education and voters like you. It wasn’t until 2015 that all states were required to accept same-sex marriages. There are currently fights against discrimination laws being put into effect for the LGBTQ+ and will continue to be put into place until they feel they have the same rights as everyone and are free of judgement. The power of love allows people to love unconditionally.

Your calls to action

In conclusion, ordinary people like you must push for political reform. Above all, persecuting people for loving another human needs to stop.

Furthermore at SoulSpeak, we do not post our opinions blindly. Because we back our opinions with peer review and research, you can rely on details to be accurate.

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Support the Pride Movement

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