Welcome to Season 2 with the Delivery Crew! In Episode 4: Human Progression, the crew delve into meta-talk so put on your thinking caps because this one is a doozy. Additionally, this episode will include:

  • SpaceX and Elon Musk
  • Interplanetary space travel and life after Earth
  • Psychology and how it directly impacts our society as well as the other way around
  • How far we have came as species

In Episode 4: Human Progression the common theme that can be agreed upon is space travel! The crew delve into the SN-10 Spacecraft, that Elon Musk and SpaceX designed, and how we are watching the future unfold before us. With that rocket it’ll be feasible to carry a group of people to another planet AND reuse the same rocket parts. They also deliver psychological aspects to human progression. Moreover, how humans went from simple minded instinctual creatures to complex beings. The invasive personality trait of having a god complex. As well as, psychological perspectives of personal stories from Ty, Bailey, Tyler, and Matt. They throw in their highly opinionated views of how society could efficiently function with very little error. However, we do not live in a Utopia and must be faced with our present reality. 

Call To Action

To feel a part of the progression. Your call to action is to understand how each and every one of us plays a key role in the development of human society. Together we can shoot through the stars, Literally! The human race has only progressed through supporting one another. That’s why our communication is the way it is today! Let us know your perspective of human progression and what we have to look forwards to as a society @SoulSpeakTV #progression #humans #allinthistogether #psychology #Spacetravel #spaceX #SoulSpace

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