In Episode 4: President Yeezus’ , the Delivery Crew recruits Matt “The Bro Morman” to talk about “Kanye 2020, baby.” The main points to note are:

  • Mental Illnesses and if the president is fit to be president if presented with those illnesses
  • Conspiracies and the people Kanye is involved in
  • The powers of confidence and overconfidence
  • More conversation less Kanye
  • Enjoy the episode!

Not-so-laid Back Political Talk

Furthermore, The Delivery Crew go on about Kanye, some political stances, and his music. But this is SOUL Speak, so they are gonna dive into other stuff as well. They touch on everything from mental disorders to Mike Tyson Mysteries. Additionally, The Delivery Crew have some very interesting things to say on Elon Musk as well if that tickles your fancy.  Nonetheless, this episode makes some very interesting points on Kanye as a person; little things here and there about Elon and Trump; to mental disorders and special needs kids. This episode may seem off topic, but the overall message is clear; we need more conversions and less Kayne. Or More Kayne! We’ll see when the polls open November 3, 2020. 

Your Call To Action

On a serious note, we believe at SoulSpeak, that everyone has a voice and should exercise that voice through the process of voting. Nevertheless, Please do your own research and do not conform to the voices of those around you. We are in hard times in America so we must stick together as people. This is a very loose conversation so please do NOT take everything so seriously!

However at SoulSpeak, we do not post our opinions blindly. Because we back our opinions with peer review and research, you can rely on details to be accurate.

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