SoulSpeak Podcast Series: Episode 5 – Going on a Trip

In episode 5: Going on Trip, the delivery Crew introduce you to the world of psychedelics. Join us as they explore the medical and recreational side of psychedelics.

  • Listen to the history of mushrooms
  • How DMT was used in church services
  • Hear about the scientific wonders of psychedelic mushrooms, such as helping with PTSD and anxiety.

You will also learn more about the different types of psychedelics and their history. Please be aware that we do not condone the use of any illegal substances. This is an educational podcast in order to inform the public about the dangers, histories, and possible benefits of psychedelics. Always do proper research and make sure everything is safe before putting anything into your body. Thank you for joining us on this episode of SoulSpeak.

Your Call To Action

Please do your own research on this topic before going on a trip. At SoulSpeak, we do not post our opinions blindly. Because we back our opinions with peer review and research, you can rely on details to be accurate, but please check your local laws and restrictions.

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