Welcome to Season 2 with the Delivery Crew! In Episode 5: Video Games have made an impact on each crew member. They provided benefits such as:

  • Increased hand-eye coordination
  • Faster decision making
  • Critical thinking applications
  • teamwork and communication

In Episode 5: video games we go through a sense of deja-vu as we experienced a major hiccup in recording. Lance was a guest in original part one bringing a lot of passion about video games in his life. Even though we do not have audio, his passion and perspective was too great to not start this episode again. He claims video games are a direct cause to gun violence and violence in general. However, the crew being casual gamers decided to present case studies to show how that perspective is misled which affects hundreds of thousands individual’s mental health. Matt, even being less affected, has only good memories about games. They also talk about their favorite consoles, games, stories, missions, and much more. Some games mentioned being: Dead 2 Rights, Tetris, Mario (all of them), and many more. As well as, ending with the aspects of addiction.

Call To Action

Video games are not meant for everyone due to seizure triggers, violent graphics, crude language, and much more. Always do your research on what you buy for yourself or kids. Video games carry a lot of beneficial aspects with the ability to teach young and old; however, some parents would rather use games to teach or individuals become addicted. Make sure to get enough physical activity and social interaction. Games belong in this world just as much as movies, restaurants, or any other service. Let us know your favorite games/consoles @SoulSpeak.tv #SoulSpeak #gaming #gamers #consoles #PS2 #Xbox #Halo #Benefits #MentalHealth. Stay tuned for Pt. 2 for more.

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Stavrou, P.-D. (2018). Addiction to Video Games: A Case Study on the Effectiveness of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy on a Teenage Addict Struggling with Low Self-Esteem and Aggression Issues. Psychology, 09(10), 2436–2456. https://doi.org/10.4236/psych.2018.910140
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