In episode 6: the Master Debaters, the delivery crew introduces special guest Marshall, as well as two new members of the crew (Matt and Bailey), in order to discuss the 2020 presidential debates. I’m sure everyone has watched the presidential and vice presidential debates, so we’re here to talk about that. 

  • Join our discussion of policies and promises of all the candidates
  • Learn about drama in the news
  • Hear a deep analysis of the current political scene

In episode 6: the Master Debaters, you will also learn how Trump has done in the White House so far, as well as some of his new policies. And if you have not heard, there are third parties out there you can vote for too, so we catch you up a little on those! We even have a fact checker now, so maybe some of what we say is pretty accurate. So what are you waiting for? Take a listen. 

Your Call To Action

Register to vote now! Every vote matters and yours could be the one to change the election. Also, make sure you keep up to date and do your own research about the current political scene. Educating yourself is just as important as going out and voting!

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