Soulspeak Podcast Series: Episode 7 – Social Media 

In SoulSpeak Podcast Episode 7: Social Media, the Delivery Crew discusses the world of social media, and the impact it has on our lives today. Join us as they discuss the uses and dangers of social media:

  • Listen to censorship of social media
  • How internet companies control media
  • Hear about the problems and limitations of today’s social media content

You will also hear some thoughtful spatter about net neutrality and the consequences of treating the internet as a luxury instead of a right. Thus should the internet be a right? Let us know what you think!

Your Call To Action

Of course, please do your own research on this topic.  The effects of social media, as well as the problems from social blocking of ideas, is a major problem that cannot be covered in one podcast. Please make yourself aware of the dangers of the internet. Social Media ties directly to lack of sleep with hundreds of cases to support the findings. Specifically, Educate yourself on how to use social media and other media outlets properly.

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