Soulspeak Podcast Series: Episode 8- The Delivery Boo!

In SoulSpeak Podcast Episode 8, the Delivery Boo (Crew) bring you spooky ghost stories from the great beyond!

  • Listen to the history of Halloween
  • Be spooked by some real life ghost stories
  • Hear the frightening tale of a man who lost his way

Furthermore, Get ready for Halloween with the Delivery Boo (Crew), along with their special guest Gracie, as they take you through a journey of frights and thrills! Listen at your own risk, and Happy Halloween! We would also like to let you guys know the next couple months will be rough working out technical difficulties. Just stay with us guys and we will have a set schedule soon!

Your Call To Action

Always be safe during Halloween, especially during this quarantine period. There are already too many spooky things this time of year, so just make sure you keep you and your kids safe this Halloween. Check your candy! Razorblades are not the most throat friendly. Also watch for unidentified candies that you may have never seen. Google is a powerful search engine, know what you’re putting in your body.

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