In SoulSpeak Podcast Episode 9: Election 2020, the Delivery Crew bring you our thoughts and ideas about the president elects! They bring up key points such as:

  • Who’s running and what behind?
  • The direction of America
  • Reform and education on politics

Furthermore, Get ready for Episode 9 Election 2020 with the Delivery Crew, along with their special guest Jarrod, as they dabble in the world of politics! Listen at your own risk, and remember we aren’t professionals or politicians! The sound is awful in this episode due to technical difficulties and is cut off prematurely. We are all EXTREMELY sorry for this and won’t happen again.

Your Call To Action

Be safe during these wild times as we go through a transition of power. By the time this is uploaded the winner will have been determined, Joe Biden. Please stay informed and be safe as times get hard. We can get through this together as long as we work together. The president elect should not be a wedging factor for the people. If someone doesn’t understand your views it is likely because they feel over righteous in theirs and you have to recognize.

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