We all have powerful emotions in regards to school systems, whether it be good or bad. However, the experience teaches us something about ourselves vital for growth. Like the same connections adults have working 8 hours at their day jobs for years and years. Stay tuned as we are all getting schooled with the Delivery Crew.

The Heart and Soul

The best way to learn is to understand what makes info stick. Ty kicks off with first grade him going through a dose of anxiety or rebellion, but that is for you to decide. Rabbit holes commence as Matt then gets passionate on his discipline experience in school. School bullying is a heavy topic that has affected them in multiple perspectives. Emotions show, and stories brew as the crew gets a flood of memories from grade school. Then we get to study habits. Someone most people do not have, including the Delivery Crew.

Bailey and Ty speak on the ease of access to content being in school 5 days a week. However, college is introduced and proceeds to expose all your under practiced study routines. Afterwards, Tyler speaks up on ego boosts gained from playing football and having popularity amongst the school. Then, like a rocket, off into the real world. No one gives a flying crap what you did under tight supervision. The skills applied in grade school must morph to encompass a wider range to reach outside local communities.

Teaching the Future

The crew gets going about how college is not for everyone. School systems could produce effective citizens at a higher rate by sharpening people’s skills. Instead of constantly forcing classes and unneeded electives. Hence why college is not everyone. However, that requires us to recognize what could work better for our future generation. If they had an opportunity we didn’t then how would that shape them? Let us know @SoulSpeakTV #GradeSchool #Bullying #Discipline #SchoolReform #Shapingthefuture

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