At Soulspeak, transparency is everything. With that said, The Delivery crew takes you behind the scenes as they delve into their future plans. In S2E9 “Our Future”, we touch on topics such as:

  • New, in-house designed animated shorts coming soon
  • YouTube and video podcasts expansion
  • “About me” and Patreon/Donation page coming soon
  • As well as, hot current events

Yep you heard right! Soon, the voices you get to hear everyday will have a face to match. The Delivery Crew has decided the best way to create interaction with you guys is through trust and transparency. Next, they dive into the upcoming changes with the website. You will soon have a bio for each member as well. Also, becoming a Patreon will grant a direct shoutout from the crew. As the days ahead are laid out for the crew, we transition to what’s occurring right outside today. The biggest buzz is about Lil Nas X’s Devil shoes along with his lap dance video including the Devil.

Matt speaks his mind; however, he then follows up with asking for the reasoning why. Points are made on a Artist’s free will to speak his mind how they see fit. As well as, the consumer’s responsibility to not shine light on a subject whether it be positive or negative. With the topic of religion afoot, the crew expands on the reach of religion amongst different groups of people. They explore the purpose of religion and how majority of them are similar with one another. They discuss the truths behind it along with false narratives pushed throughout history. Speaking of truths, the crew also speak upon Paul Pierce being fired from EPSN for hosting strippers at his personal home. You must stay tuned for all the gory details.

Reach Out

Not to mention, there is also a design competition taking place until 4/31/2021. This will be our first of many, so we hope to see you at the next one if not this one! Check our Instagram page @SoulspeakTV for more details or just listen to the podcast above. Also, Ty made a shoutout to our female listeners who would love to use our outlet to discuss sexual assault awareness. You can choose to speak on your experiences or just bring awareness on the matter and speak on ways to prevent it. Inquires can be made by emailing or visiting our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. Be sure to conversate with us as well using #SoulSpeakFuture #SoulTransparency #DevilShoes #Thetruth #Religion

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