As we all know, drive and motivation play a key part in our decisions. At times it can seem high, then other times non-existent. However, in Perspectives with Pierre S2E10 the crew get personal with Pierre Bahkos. With topics such as:

  • Alternative diets and medicine
  • Religion and pressures associated
  • Motivation and inspiration
  • Personal life stories

Like a Fine Tuned Car

In Perspectives with Pierre S2E10, the crew invites Pierre on to discuss his profession as well as his passion. They dive right into diets and how the world has been directly impacted by GMO’s and bred foods. Using some evidence mixed with life experiences, they come to the conclusion that society has forged a blinding veil when it comes to diets. Next, Ty brings out the fire by asking Pierre if alternative medicine falls into other conspiracy groups, i.e. Q anon. Pierre clarifies his point by saying alternative medicine is not a single solution but yet a problem that requires a thousand questions as to why we operate the way we do. Then, Pierre is asked about his experience in a strict Catholic school. Soon after, the crew delve into their experiences with religion as well as why we have it in the first place. Pierre speaks about how this shaped him to start searching for the holistic truth in life. A solution to the problem with no bias, or at least a sense of certainty. Also, we need help inspiring Pierre to write a book so help us do so!

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