Season 2 Episode 1: Rise of the Stonks!

Welcome to Season 2 with the Delivery Crew! In Episode 1:Rise of the Stonks! $GME and $AMC is the rocket fuel that takes them through a slew of topics.

Additionally, this episode will include:

  • Sparking desires for financial stability 
  • Introducing day trading terms at a basic scale
  • Relocating of NRA Headquarters 
  • Blasting off of Doge Coin in the near future
  • And much more!

In Episode 1: Rise of the Stonks! Ty goes in-depth on his passion for the stock market along with his exhilarating but accidental  thrill ride of the r/WallStreetBets movement. Next, Ty begins talking about his market money purchases, he could’ve also went more in depth on his all white custom PC build but oh well that must be for another episode. Matt delivers sound financial advise that can safely lead someone to financial stability. With this in mind, lets not forget no one wants to hear about finance all day. Moreover, the crew heads to memeville and with that comes some blurred lines. On the bright-side, all NSFW will be bleeped as we wish to not offend anyone. I mean lets be real here if you heard of wallstreetbets then nothing must offend you. Apparently, those people have diamond hands. 

Call To Action

To clarify, we are not giving out advice nor is what we say meant to be followed exactly. Always strive to learn about an area that could substantially impact your life. However, calculate and accept the risk involved as it will mitigate the bad decisions while understanding it isn’t a guarantee. Stay tuned as SuperBowl-(Soul)-Sunday will be kicking off. Also, give us your predictions on the game and your stock market experience with the following tags: #SuperBowlLV #Feelitinmysoul #PredictionsLV #mystockexp #$GMEtothemoon $AMCtothemoon #Dogetothemoon

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