How to Modify During COVID-19
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COVID Impact on Holidays

A holiday that is famous all over the world is, of course, Christmas, and several families use this time to remember past feelings and make new ones. Even though holiday/Christmas vacations can be quite busy, it’s crucial to stop and think of their importance, and to spend some quality time with ones we love, to demonstrate love and gratitude, to spread warmth and hugs – all that and much more, such as detaching from daily routine’s stress and pressure.

But as we explore the winter holiday season of the COVID-19 era, researchers across the world have claimed that staying at home is really the safest and most effective option. But that doesn’t make it sting less. After weeks of isolation, social anxiety, and pandemic fatigue, it is perfectly understandable that some people are excited about loved ones’ hugs and meet-ups. I know I was because my family seems to have a strange tradition of seafood for Christmas Dinner!

But the truth is that hosting big gatherings, traveling to see far living friends and relatives, and brushing off masks and social distances can have severe consequences that extend much further beyond your own circle.

“We’re in a really hard time, but it also presents a great opportunity to be creative, put family and friendship first, and enjoy the good things we have.”

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Check out the following scenarios. If they align with you, anticipate how you can modify your plan to make sure that you, your loved ones, and your community are happy and secure.

Are Indoor Holiday Parties Safe?

The verdict: No, it’s too harmful. Skip big parties this year.

Parties may highlight that what is strongly advised in one area is not recommended in another; while your cousin has no desire of getting you sick; they may not be insulating frequently as you are because they don’t follow proper guidelines.

Modifications: If you live very close to your family, arrange a food exchange; each home can make and drop a unique dish with a quick, long-distance hello outside the main door.

To adore the experience of a collective meal, each household must make a video call on the TV at mealtime. Fill your tray and settle down for a different holiday twist on your TV dinner.

Can I vacate to Celebrate Holiday/Christmas?

The verdict: whether by plane, train or car, you must cancel all unneeded journeys this year.

COVID-19 is rising across the world; even if your city has low case counts, this may not be the case for people sharing a flight.

Modifications: Please try to look at the positives: You won’t have to deal with long safety lines, spend hours waiting, or worry about the hygiene of the hotel rooms this year! Send gifts in the mail ahead of time, then open them together on Christmas Eve by video call. We all video called Christmas day, with a tad of sour taste in our mouths. The plane tickets to gather were already booked!

Stay Safe

We probably spend so little time together, and since we’re not going to be together permanently, we must learn to admire the time we have during COVID and utilize it in a better way.

This year’s celebrations will require caution. But taking safety measures can make it easier for you and your family and friends to eliminate the risk of becoming infected with or spreading the COVID-19 virus.


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